Jun 8, 2011

So Far From Over

Hey Everyone!  There are no words, big enough apologies or good reasons why I haven't posted on my blog since MARCH 6th.  I suck. 

Quite frankly, I'm embarrassed.  I enjoy writing this blog and sharing my stories. I'm passionate about inspiring people with my projects and helping readers become thrifty designers, smart shoppers and ambitious DIYers, so that one day they'll pause and look around into the individual rooms of their home and think, "Wow.  My house is pretty awesome."  So I understand it may be hard to believe how much I actually enjoy writing my blog -- when I haven't written in three freaking months. 

I have not given up on my blog and my first home makeover journey.  It's certainly unlike me to not finish something that I've started.  My makeover journey began back in February of 2010 and it's so far from being over. 

In fact, although I have been mute for the past three months (vacationing, trying to figure out what career path to take, DIYing, watching ALOT of  the Real Housewives and Bethanny Getting Married), I have also been keeping myself quite busy with projects.

So without anymore blah blah blah-bing, I'll jump right back into the swing of things and show you hightlights of what I've been up to...

we made some kitchen improvements:  purchased new counter tops, added a backsplash and re-painted.

rob scored points when he snagged this Bassett table many months ago at a thrift store for $40.  but then he quickly lost all points for using an electric sander in the LIVING ROOM.  WTF.  anyhow - it's a nice, solid wood piece.  we finally got around to sanding and painting it.

we spent a week in san francisco.  so gorgeous.  totally love blue bottle coffee...and so much more.

yup.  I finally purchased a good ol' sewing machine.  did my research and got me a decent beginner one.
not gonna lie...i'm kinda good at the sewing thing

searching for the most perfectly fabulous fabric prints to transform into bedroom and kitchen curtains.
i have a crush on the color purple - i'm drawn to it

...and more stenciling

apartment hunting for roxy.  found her a nice abode at IKEA for $6.

buying bedroom furniture - for prices you wouldn't believe.

planting flowers and herbs and making flower beds
meeting my nephew, Caiden, for the first time.  he lives in florida with his mom and dad.  precious.

going for long bike rides

inspiration searching for ideas on how to transform this $40 dresser.
 just some designs that caught my eye...

Sorry for my lack of blog enthusiasm.  I hope you like the images I shared and that you keep checking back for the full behind-the-scenes scoop on these projects. 

Have a wonderful night!


Comeca Jones said...

Glad you are back.

Megan said...

Welcome back! I love that purple fabric, where did you get it?? Who sands inside?!!? lol

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Welcome back :0) That's what's so great about blogland....we're all here when you're ready to come back

Anonymous said...

Love it...

Mrs. G