Feb 23, 2011

Updating a Fireplace

I recently wrote about what I was planning to paint with the Minwax Wood Stain I have left over from our powder room makeover.  One of the items on my list was a trash picked Poang Ikea chair that I couldn't wait to spruce up - check it out here

Rob had the fan-tabulous idea of staining the mantle above the fireplace.  Since our dated mantle made me feel so empty inside, I jumped right on that project. 

Fireplace mantle before the wood stain:

Fireplace mantle after the wood stain was applied:

Much better.  Wouldn't you agree?  But there's still something missing.  I think we need to add a focal point to the wall - the fireplace as is and the wood stain (as nice as it came out) just isn't enough.  We're going to add a backsplash around the fireplace - YIPPEE! 

Ok, don't laugh.  This is my attempt to edit a photo, which I have no experience in.  I totally used Microsoft's "Paint," ha! I can only imagine how wonderful Photoshop is. 

This is where I need your help.  We're going to add a backsplash around the fireplace, as shown in the image above, but we're having a hard time chosing the right tile.  Please help!

We've narrowed it down to four choices.  And here they are...





I'm really excited about this project beacause it's a super easy one that will make a big impact in our family room.  We want to chose a backsplash we'll love for years to come and something that will look amazing!!! 

So let 'er rip.  What do you think?

Feb 21, 2011

Revamp an IKEA Chair

Two years ago this Poang IKEA chair was on the curb outside of someones house, hours away from being trashed.  I pulled over and quickly shoved the chair into my teeny Toyota Celica and drove home. When I got the chair home, I was able to take a closer look at its condition. Aside from a missing screw and minor wear and tear, the chair was prestine. By bleaching the fabric cover and with a new screw I had a new comfy chair.

Here's how the chair looked in my home...

I was stoked about my curb side find and I've been very happy with the chair, but I recently got an itch to spruce it up a bit.  With several coats of wood stain left over from my powder room makeover, I was able to change the look of the chair to this... 

It's been awhile since Roxy has made her way into my pictures.  But on this day, she wasn't moving for anything.  Since I think she's so cute, I let her sit right in the middle of my picture. 
See how nice the chair took to the stain.

Here's some pictures of what I did...it was so easy!

This is what the wood looked like before I stained it.

Here's a super close-up of the wood while I was sanding.  In order for the wood to absorb the stain properly, it's important that you use a rough sandpaper to take off any protective coating from the wood. 

I took the chair apart to make painting the base easy breezy.
Here's the base of the chair as I began to paint the first coat of wood stain.  I painted a total of three coats, allowing each coat to dry overnight. 
Don't you think the dark wood looks so much better?

This tutorial is linking up with the best of them at:

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Feb 19, 2011

Dinner Party

Wow.  It's been too long since I've blogged about my projects.  I've had a crazy couple of weeks. My prego lil' sis (whos baby shower I held at my home) is moving to FL on Monday so I've been trying to spend all of my time with her before she leaves.

Speaking of which, I cooked a Thanksgiving-style dinner last Saturday for some close family members so that we could all wish my sister well before her relocation to FL.

Dinner was soo delish!  And the table looked stunning! I took some images so that I could share with you just how pretty it all looked. 

Check it out...

All the candles on the table were purchased at thrift stores and estate sales.

These flowers were amazing. The purple flowers tied in the purple chaise lounge really well.

I made these name tags in just a couple of minutes with scrap paper and wine corks thatI had lying around.

My mother-in-law bought these antique salt bowls for me.  I love them!  You're supposed to have one for each setting at your table, and I think they're only supposed to be used for salt - but I like using them for salt AND pepper :)

The table runner has a gorgeous blue and green flower pattern on it. 

Don't you just love the gold detail on the antique salt bowls?

Just for fun, I weaved this flower streamer through the light fixture above the dining table.