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Powder Room Heaven
Jan 19, 2011

I had three weeks to find some inspiration fast and redo our powder room.  I didn't waste any time and jumped on the computer immediately.  decor pad is a great website for browsing inspiration pictures by room and paint color.  It didn't take long before I set my eyes on this bathroom bliss:

This photo is compliments of Kristy Froelich via decor pad
This was it!  Well, partly.  The white marble tile looks so great with that blue, greyish, slate color.  And I loved how the dark wooden vanity with light counter top looked too. 

Tile decision done.
Vanity decision done.
Counter top decision done.
Color decision done.

Next, I went searching around in decor pad's "paint" section for a blue that looked similar the image above.  I loved the blue of this bedroom.  According to the image details, the color is Martha Stewart's Schoolhouse Slate.  It was risky to do but I jotted down the name of the paint and purchased a gallon the next day. 

This photo is compliments of Michael via decor pad
Paint color done.

My "bathroom" search in decor pad also brought me to this image.  The gold mirror was fantastic.  Is gold making a come back?  I just loved this and I knew that I had to have one. 
This photo is compliments of decor pad
Gold mirror done. 

So my husband and I set out to design our powder room, keeping these inspirational images in mind, and here's how it ended up...

To veiw more pictures of our powder room or to read about what we did, click here.

Credenzas.  Console Tables.  Buffets.
Aug 29, 2010

Call them what you will.  I've wanted one for my living room for a long time.  While searching credenza options, I fell in love with 60's style Danish Teak credenzas.  When I began my search for the perfect teak credenza, I soon realized how expensive they are- like in the thousands (that's waaaay too many dollar signs for my budget).  I shouldn't have been surprised about the price because the styles of furniture I've come to love are all super pricy.  So I set out to do what any bargain girl would do.  And just like that a new DIY project is born.

To hold us over until I buy a Danish Teak credenza, I decided I want to paint a credenza for our living room in a really bold color.  My DIY credenza should be the focal point of the room and I want people's eyes to be drawn to it.

These awesome credenzas have inspired me to go BOLD or go home. 
I'm almost finished painting my credenza- come back soon to check it out and see which color I chose.

I spotted this oragne beauty on Apartment Therapy

Loving this green.  Found this knock out at Red River Trading Co.

I saw this credenza here.

I need RoomService.  Everything about RoomService rocks- I love their stuff!

This catchy credenza is the fine DIY work of Jenny from the Little Green Notebook.

"fresh HOME" to My Home

1.  Go to Google
2.  Type [furniture item, project scope, what you're looking to do, etc.] in the search field
3.  Select "image"
4.  Click "search"

Wa-la!  For me, it's as easy as that.  Well, if I'm lucky. 

I'm mostly inspired by pictures.  My love for home design and DIY-type magazines is endless.  I frequent google and shift through hand me down items like crazy too.  What gets me really excited is when I see something I love (I know I can't afford it) and I set out to make it mine- in my own kinda way- on my own kinda budget ;)

Take this picture for example.  The gorgeous blue walls and crisp white bedding caught my eye while in line at Lowe's several months ago.  Look at the wonderful bed. 

fresh HOME

Something about those blue walls and orange accents really won me over. We had just finished working on our kitchen cabinets and I was intending on fixing up the Guest Bedroom next- I just had no idea what I wanted to do. This magazine cover was calling my name- THIS WAS IT!!!

to My Home

Check out the Before & After for this bedroom by clicking here.


hopperdolls said...

Gorgeous & Comfy

Ray* said...

And you would know hopperdolls- you got to experience it first hand ;)

Ralna said...

LOVE your guestroom! Great job! :)

Katie said...

That bedroom is absolutely stunning!!