On the Radar

  1. Office Makeover
  2. Restore Rod Iron Outdoor Patio Set (trash picked)
  3. Spruce up Dining Room Chairs (craigslist find)
  4. Revamp Garden Beds COMPLETED!  Check it out here.
  5. Paint Ethan Alan Table (patting Rob on the back for his great find at local thrift store)
  6. Refurbish Guest Room Dresser and Nightstand  COMPLETED!  Check it out here.
  7. Paint Guest Room Curtains  COMPLETED!  Check it out here.
  8. Paint Living Room Curtains
  9. Turn a Very Drab Credenza into Fab-u-losity
  10. Picture Collage in Living Room  COMPLETED!  Check it out here.
I'm Currently Scowering for the Following Items:
  • Master Bedroom Dressers
  • Mid-Century Danish Teak Credenza
  • Small Dresser for Guest Room - FOUND IT!  Check it out here.

1 comment:

L-A Land said...

once you think you finish every room, you start all over again. its a never ending cycle....