Dec 16, 2010

Easy Dining Table Decorating

Woo hoooooooooooooooooooo!  

I'm so excited because today I realized that "MY ENTOURAGE" hit the 100 mark.  That makes me so happy and I'm so glad that you've been following my DIY stories and home improvement projects.  I hope that I've inspired some of you and that you've learned a thing or two.  If you have, then great!  Because that means alot to me - and I hope you continue to be inspired and learn from reading my blog.  I started first home makeover blog in Feb. of 2010 and I've had so much fun writing (when I can). THANK YOU for following me on my mission to turn my drab town house into one kick ass home!

Anywho, because Rob and I will be in Florida for Christmas this year, I didn't want to go crazy with decorating.  Also, I'm having a baby shower at my home very soon so I don't need the hassle of packing a bunch of things away to get ready for the party. 

So, the only decorating I did was put a candle light in each window, I hung some front door bling, (my wreath), added some touches to our fireplace and spruced up our dining room table. 

 Here's my easy breezy dining room table decorations: 

The milk glass candle holders were picked up at a thrift store for just a couple buckaroos.

I purchased the glass hurricane (is that what you call it?) and glass candleabras at an estate sale I recently went to.  Scored all the glass decorations for $9.

I just recently started going to estate sales.  They're awesome!  I can't imagine having to sell off a family members household items.  Yikes.  As much as I love going to estate sales I always feel awkward asking how much something is-- a lady once burst into tears when I asked how much a side table was.  Ummmmm, super awkward.   

And I snagged a bundle of the pine garland from Lowe's for $7.99.

My estate sale quests recently began one day out of curiosity. I simply performed a Google search on "estate sales in bucks county" and I uncovered a bunch of local listings.  Lucky for me, my best friend is totally in to finding treasures and cheap stuff too, so it was easy to recruit her along for the ride.  We had so much fun!

If you're up for something new and feel like you haven't scored anything worthwhile from your regular thrifty shopping locations, then maybe you should consider searching for local estate sales in your area.  It may take some time to find something good - just be patient and keep searchin''re bound to find something awesome!

Have a wonderful night!

I'm off to have a cup of hot tea and search for bathroom makeover inspiration.  BTW - if you have any cool bathroom inspiration that you love, please share it with me!