Jan 20, 2011

How I Shop For Wine

I was in Anthropologie on Monday - man I love their stuff.  If there was a location closer to me, or if I could actually afford to buy anything there, I'd pop in more frequently.  My husband bought me an Anthropologie sweater for x-mas and it was just too "crunchy granola" for my taste, so I exchanged it for a nice brown leather purse that was on super sale.

This awesome jewelry stand (or is it a hanger?) caught my eye.  I probably would've taken this home with me if it weren't $180.  I wish someone could replicate it for me, for like $20.  That would be so nice.

Of course I checked out the home furnishings, accessories and the other odds and ends.  There is lots of great stuff to buy there. 

Check out this awesome doily pattern used as a back board.  How freakin' cool is that?  I'm seriously thinking I need to make this.

So I left the store with my new leather purse and I was feeling fierce.  I wanted to top off my good mood with a nice glass of wine.  And since I was in New Jersey, where the liquor stores are cheap and come a dime a dozen, I popped into one to stock up on vino. 

When in Jersey, we like to buy wine in bulk.  We frequent B.Y.O.B.s and love to have company over so it makes sense to always have a well stocked wine bar.  I ended up buying some great wines.  How do I know they're great?  I don't.  What I meant was that I found some great wine labels

How do you shop for wine?  I'm by no means a wine expert, so I don't try to act like one.  I don't pay attention to regions, vintage or even know what makes a good wine.  But here's what I know - I like colors, art, uniqueness, funky images, textures and shapes.  So that's how I shop for wine.  If it's intriguing, interesting, draws me in or looks and feels nice then I buy it.  

These are some bottles I ended up with.  Pepi.  La Bastarda.  Cats Peeing on a Gooseberry Bush.  I love it!  I actually don't like cats but I adore the green.  And I wonder what Wily Jack is looking at.  He has a handsome profile.  


Comeca Jones said...

Love your process. I do love wine even bought a special cooler for it but sad to say I buy wine based on the bottle and whether or not its pretty and has feminine flair lol. I guess its whatever floats your boat lol!

Steph <3. said...

I do the same thing and sometimes you find a good one and sometimes its so good. If you have a meijer you should try a wine called funf it comes in a WHITE non see through bottle and its delicious. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am SOOOO glad I'm not alone! I swear this is exactly how I buy wine too! I love the unique labels! My husbands just laughs when I tell him why I bought a certain bottle! Glad to know there is someone else out there like me! :)

Lori said...

Yes, Anthropology is just eye candy for me as well. I can only buy if it's REALLY cute and perfect AND on sale. I buy wine the exact same way! I found one cute label that actually tastes good, too (if wine can really taste good). It's called Middle Sister and has the cutest label on it! Your post made me laugh!

Ray* said...

Lori: I just saw that wine several weeks ago. I wanted to buy it for my MIDDLE SISTER but she lives in FL and I'm in PA - so that wouldn't work out. Anyhow, too funny b/c I have a picture of that wine label on my phone right now!! I'll have to try it.

Thanks for stopping by

PaperDollMN said...

Robert Pepi is a favorite of mine. The husband and I call it Bob, and "invite him over" once in awhile ;)

Layne said...

Wonder if you could do the doily thing with paint? Use paper doilies as stencils and paint around them maybe?

Layne said...

Wonder if you could do the doily thing with paint and use paper doilies as stencils?

1 Funky Woman said...

This is too funny, how you shop for wine. I do the same thing. I just go for the cool colors and font. I have some Mad Housewife because of the name and the retro look!

My sister wants to kill me because she is a wine vintner and makes her own wine in CA so I probably shouldn't tell people how I pick my wine. Maybe I should have her teach me a thing or two!