Nov 1, 2010

Picture Collage in Living Room

I've never hung a collage of pictures on a wall, but I've wanted to do it for a long time now.  I always envisioned a schmoregusboard (really?  is there a correct way to spell that?) of original and wonderful images personally captured by me. 

Over the past several months I've been grabbing my camera wherever I go just in case something wonderful catches my eye.  I  like to take pictures in unlikely places and of everyday things.  For instance, I've shot pictures under bridges, in the sand, of a pile of rocks and even tree trunks. 

Anyhow, I finally got around to getting the ball rolling with the collage idea.  I plan to tell you more about this project when it's all finished - but for now, I'm in the process of configuring the pictures in an elegant and fun way.  My plan is to hang them above the credenza.

Do you like either of these set ups?  Any pointers you can share that I should know about?

set-up option #1

set-up option #2
I took these gorgeous sunset pics last Sunday while at the park with Roxy gurrls.  Good thing these were taken with my iPhone and the quality stinks when blown up, otherwise I just may have had to add one of these bad boys to my wall of gorgeousness. 

Good night, sleep tight!


Jenni said...

I think they both look good. I like the craziness of the first one, but I like the symmetry of the second one. I'm a lot of help, huh?! I don't think you could go wrong with either!

Katie said...

I really like option #2. It flows nicely. Option #1 seems kind of clumsily pieced together. Great pictures!

Marci said...

I like the second set up the best. I want to do something similar in my hall but I need more frames!

Angi B said...

Set up #2 is my favorite. It seems that it's a good one for adding photos into the mix later as well.

That One Girl said...

I'm in no way shape or form creative... but I really like option 2. We have a collage wall next to the short wall that divides the living room and dinning room. It's pictures of our family, including our dogs. There's not as many pictures as you have, but, pictures none the less. We have 4 "stand up" ones that are on the "corners" with 3 rows of pictures. The top and bottom rows both have 4 pictures with the outer edges having tall pictures with two "sideways" pictures between and the middle is 3 pictures of sideways. The middle picture is the first family picture we had. :-)

Megan said...

I like the 2nd arrangement! We have one of these at my house, but we've been slowly adding to it. I wish I'd of just waited until I had a bunch like you. The first few months with like 5 pictures hanging up looked kinda random! Can't wait to see it come together!

Ray* said...

Wow! Thank you guys for helping me make my decision easy. I went ahead with option #2, which is the one I was leaning towards and was hoping that you would too!

I hung the pictures tonight and they look good. But I'm not completely satisfied. I need to space them out a bit more. I'll post an updated picture tomorrow.

MARCI: if you're planning on doing a collage, you should start at thrift stores and goodwill...that's where I purchased all of my frames. More to come on this too in a couple days.

Thanks again everyone!!!

Jenni said...

After seeing your collage I bought some more frames on clearance at Pier One last night to use in my own collage!

Sally Lou said...

the second is more equally visually balanced even though it's still asymmetrical.
beautiful pictures of the sunset!
one idea you could do is glue some of the frames on top of the corners of others to give it a 3D look, too.

Bella said...

WOW<<<< that sky is BEAUTIFUL... oh and you have such a great tutorial on your picture wall, I need one bad, thanks for the help.

Bella :)