Sep 2, 2010

This is What Blogging is All About

Realizing I had a knack for creativity came at an early age.  Realizing my passion for making things look nice happened when I got my first apartment at 18.  Realizing my addiction to interior designing happened last year when my husband and I bought our very first home.   Realizing how much I love blogging about my stories and First Home Makeover progress...well, that happened tonight!  I love my home and I'm fixated on making it fabulous.  But now, I'm not sure if I like blogging about it more...

So, to my new found followers, and to the ones who will hopefully follow one day, thank you for taking time to read my blog and getting on board, through all the obstacles and fun schnanagins that we'll encounter, as I turn a once cheerless town house into an interesting and eye catching abode for my husband and I (and someday future off spring) to enjoy. 

You're the reason I decided to start this blog! I want to inspire, be inspired, capture the moments, and spill all the DIY beans about what's going on in this house. 

This is me.  I thought I'd capture my super cheez grin moment for followers and readers to witness.  Why you ask?  Because I realized tonight just how much I really enjoy taking you on my journey.  Being featured on Lindsey's super inspiring blog, Better After, had nothing to do with it, swear!  :)

Have a wonderful night and a great holiday weekend.  Good night.

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Mary @ RoomPolish said...

I love it! Our stories are so similar : ) I remember that feeling when I was like....oh, you mean I can turn "I like making things look pretty" into a JOB!? So glad you're sharing your adventures!