Aug 4, 2010

Now That's a Stinky Job

My mom was coming to ring in 2010 with us so I wanted as many things as possible to be perfect.  I had just finished our guest bedroom and it was about that time when I'd start itching for a new project.  The decision to demolition our hall bathroom was made 10 days before my mom was expected to arrive.  All I had to do was get Rob on board...and being the good hubby that he was, he was game.

Here's our bathroom on December 21, 2009:
This is the old stinker

Ugly old sink and counter top

God awful paint and border
Here's a couple demolition shots:

At the time we were working on this bathroom I didn't know I'd be blogging about my home improvement adventures - so my apologies for not providing step-by-step instructions and pictures.  I'd love to answer your questions about what we did and how if you'd like to shoot me an email :)

Here's our bathroom on December 29, 2010:

Quick run down of what we did:
We smashed the old tile flooring and literally beat down the old wood cabinet with a hammer (great stress reliever).  Then, we spackled, and spackled, and spackled, and spackled and sanded even more.  Next, we painted.  After that we installed new tile flooring.  Finally, we installed a new towel rack, light fixture, cabinet and sink, mirror and toilet (pee-you). 


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you did that in onl eight days!

Hilary said...

Wow, all the little changes made a big difference. Congrats on the successful redo. I really like the paint color you chose.

Beautiful Haven said...

Great job! Where did you find the white flower plaque? That would be perfect for our small bathroom too.

Michelle said...

wow what an amazing trasformation. love the Zgallery art and your wall color :)

Their Mommy His Wife said...

I'm visiting from "Before and After" and I love what you've done! Awesome job and fabulous taste!!
We've been working on our Masterbath for a few MONTHS and it's STILL not complete.. ugh, but at least it's functional again.
May I ask where you found the floral relief over the toilet?
I'm a new follower of yours and I'm looking forward to your projects!

Lauren said...

Love what you did with this bathroom! I saw it on Better After. The granite countertops look so much better than the red laminate. I also really like the art above the toilet. Cute!

Ray* said...

Thanks everyone! The flower picture was purchased at.....Marshalls. It was about a year ago so I think you'd be lucky to find another one.

The Keylors said...

It looks amazing!!! You sound like me. I am a last minute girl too. If someone's coming over, I suddenly get the itch to work on another project. ha! Drives my husband crazy, but he says he definitely never gets bored. ha!!

Great job!

Jenni said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I am also making over my old (new) house! I love this paint color. Can you tell me what brand and color it is? Thanks so much!

Ray* said...

Hi Jenni! Thanks for checking out my blog! The paint I used in the bathroom is Valspar and it's named "Wool Coat." I really love it.