Feb 14, 2010

First Things First - Part II

After ripping off all the wallpaper in our living room- the real fun began.  Rob and I spent four days prepping the walls for painting.  We worked hours upon hours on spackling, sanding, scrubbing, and cleaning.  Once the hard work was complete, we were finally ready to have our friend Steve install a chair rail and crown molding. 

I decided to go with a chair rail and crown molding because it's an inexpensive way to dress up a room.  A simple paint job wasn't going to do it in here- I really wanted to bring new elements in to change it up.

Because I didn't know what furniture I was going to buy (and I had no idea what our budget would allow) or how I was going to decorate or the color pallete I'd end up chosing, I played it safe in picking paint colors and went with neutral choices. 

Check it out!  You can view the "before" pictures for this room by clicking here.

Total Cost: $574.00

Materials to Remove Wallpaper:

6 bottles of DIFF - roughly $36.00
Plastic scrappers - $4.00
Tarp - $5.00
Sponges for removing glue and dirt of walls - $10.00
Papertowels - $4.00

Paint Materials:

Paint - $120.00
Rollers & Brushes - $10.00
Tape - $20.00
Tarp - $5.00

Crown Molding & Chair Rail - $360.00

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